Republicans Had to Lose

From Why Republicans Had to Lose Before Conservatives Could Win by Jack Hunter

Conservatives shouldn’t be upset that Obama won. They should rejoice. The Republican Party needed to get its ass kicked before anything might improve. If Sarah Palin was ever worth anything to the Right, she undoubtedly would have been damaged goods after four years of McCain. In getting away from McCain, perhaps she can salvage what made her politically attractive in the first place. Only time will tell and now conservatives have it.

Throughout this election, arguing over whether Barack Obama or John McCain was better for America’s future was like arguing whether the Backstreet Boys or ‘N Sync would be better for the future of rock ‘n’ roll. Eventually fans of both groups grew up, realized they sucked, and made more substantive selections.

It’s time for conservatives to do the same.

One of the best commentaries I’ve seen on the delection so far. This guy from Charleston, SC, who’s roughly the same age as me, gets it.

Since I started voting in 1992, I’ve found the political world a fascinating place full of both hope and fear, silliness and sincerity. It’s pretty much like everyday life, but without the media.

One thing’s for sure, this is the most apathetic I’ve ever been about an election. Ironically, it’s the most sincere I’ve been in 16 years regarding the direction our beloved society is going. I guess I’m losing hope in the corrupt political system that is dubbed the United States of America.

I’ve toyed with descriptions for my political philosophy, and there is no accurate description. The best I’ve seen comes from a list: libertarian, paleolibertarian, conservative, paleoconservative, capitalist, anarcho-capitalist, and the list grows. I am all of the above and then some.

I’m an individual as God created me. (I’m not a Calvinist, mind you, but I believe that God has a designed me and every other individual for a purpose.)

Now I have to wonder what’ll happen in the next four years under the Obama regime. Honestly, I’m not sure other than the fact that we can expect business as usual: more abortions, more violence, more war, more moral decline, more economic decline, and maybe even another terror attack or two just to keep us in line.

I used to put my hope in Constitutional Republicanism. I woke up from that dream a long time ago. I trust in God, my family, and my own potential to make a better world around me. That’s really about it.

I hope the best for America, and I hope my pessimism is proven wrong.

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2 Comments on “Republicans Had to Lose”

  1. opinionoregon Says:

    The wake up call for conservatives was last night. I had nightmares most of the night, wondering what the future will hold for my high school age daughter. In my congressional district in Oregon, a republican was not even on the ballot.

  2. tjoseph Says:

    That’s amazing. The Republican Party, IMHO, has forsaken that once noble cause of the FDR era opposing big government and has become its own worst enemy. The division that was present prior to the “Reagan Coalition” has been restored thanks to GWB and his ilk in Congress.

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