Pro-Life? Pro-War!

Thomas Woods writes:

There are people who spend their time arguing that being “pro-life” this year means voting for an obtuse ignoramus who thinks it’s a laugh riot to sing, “Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran.” A savage who jokes gleefully about the inevitable creation of widows and orphans – that’s the person the official pro-life movement wants as its public face for four years. Gee, a coherent, non-contradictory message like that is just the way to win people over. [continue reading]

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3 Comments on “Pro-Life? Pro-War!”

  1. timglass Says:

    Don’t you just love liberal know-it-alls!! I wonder how he got to where he got in life; brown nosing another liberal I would guess.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

    The purpose of war is to eradicate an enemy. What is the purpose of abortion? The exercise of the utmost of selfishness possible.

    Big difference, oh writer of many meaningless words.

    You got me with this one tjoseph!! 🙂

    Blessings my friend!

  2. tjoseph Says:

    The point is not to decide which one is worse: abortion or war. That’s easy. Mere numbers attest to the fact that abortion is a far more pressing issue.

    War’s purpose is to eradicate an enemy. That much is true. Who are these enemies? Who are they enemies of? And what benefit to the sanctity of life does war serve?

    War for the wealth of the state is just that. Republicans have, at least since the conception of the “moral majority”, held the proverbial carrot on a string of abortion in front of voters. The results are obvious: more abortions and more war.

    Apart from the very rare exceptions of true social justice war only empowers one oppressor while eradicating another.

    The entire 20th Century was nothing but a testimony to that reality.

    Oh, Tim, by the way, to oppose a war path paved with false assumptions and lies does not a liberal make.

  3. timglass Says:

    I do see your point tjoseph.

    And I also made to broad a statement about liberals. Please, forgive me.

    There is no doubt, that both parties have used these important issues to advance their own agenda. But until a legitamate third party can be established, it’s “the lesser of two evils” thing for me.

    The 20th century also taught us, war has changed. It was a hard lesson learned in Vietnam, and with the war on terror now, it presents new problems as well. It’s not just lining up and firing at the guys in the different uniforms anymore.

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