Obama the Warmonger

Are the Democrats against war?

Eric Margolis writes:

Barack Obama wants to withdraw US troops from Iraq and send them to Afghanistan, which he calls the real front on the “war on terror.” He also has repeated threats to attack Pakistan “if necessary.” . . . Is Obama beginning to fall under the influence of the same military-petroleum complex that guided Bush’s imperial-minded presidency? Could Pakistan become a disaster for the Democrats as Iraq was for Republicans? [read it all]

As some are quick to point out, the Democrats have historically been the ones most likely to get involved in foreign wars. From Wilson to Clinton, Democrat presidents have never thought it taboo to intervene militarily in foreign nations. One could say the same for the Republican: McKinley to Bush. Maybe someone could do a tally of the number of Americans killed in foreign wars (or “conflicts”) under Democrats vs. Republicans.

I’m not being partisan, here. Quite the contrary, I’m being non-partisan. Some have developed the idea that the Democrats are somehow anti-war. That has never been the case. Since the 1970’s, at least, they have only been against wars when Republicans are in the executive office. Democratic ones, however, get the go-ahead.

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One Comment on “Obama the Warmonger”

  1. goodtimepolitics Says:

    Does Obama have the military experience that the commanders on the ground in Iraq has? NO!

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